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The story behind the collections

25 January 2019

HTS74 has various collections in its assortment, each with their own story and their own technologies.


The Hi-Tec Silver Shadow had established itself as Britain’s top selling running shoe. At its price there was no better all-purpose training and racing shoe on the market in the early 80’s. The upper pattern is a modern re-design of the Silver Shadow (1981). Back in 1981 the Silver Shadow was worn by the recruits of the German and British army (MOD).


Hi-Tec A.R.S. (Adventure Racing Series) was a collection of shoes created in 1992 designed to perform during the adventure races of today such as Tough Mudder and Obstacle racing. A hybrid range of Trail Running meets Light Hiking.


BW Infinity was one of Hi-Tec’s best running trainers back in 1989. A pioneering hybrid trail and road running shoe designed specially for the race in Badwater itself. A 146-mile ultra-marathon from the dust plains of Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney in the USA. The RGS tooling used was developed by Hi-Tec as a regular trail running tool in 2011. The density outsole on the tooling has been adapted to fit the streets. This VIBRAM outsole is exclusive to Hi-Tec.


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